Magic Gathering Artworks: 40 Digital Paintings of the Artist Svetlin Velinov

If you are a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering, then this blog will be interesting for you. We will cover up to 40 magic gathering artwork concepts from Bulgarian illustrator Svetlin Velinov. We stumble upon these magnificent artwork concepts on his website and decided to share them with you.

The thirty years old Bulgarian already exceeded 10 years of experience as an illustrator, master’s degree in painting and also a huge portfolio of phenomenal artworks. It includes many concepts and illustrations for Magic: The Gathering cards. The reason why we decided to share these magic gathering artworks and what we particularly like about his work is that they often tell a complex scene or a story. It is surprising to imagine the scene from beginning to end, the characters look are and how they got there. In addition, the concepts of creatures and characters are often surprising and very creative. Creations worthy of a great talent!

There you go, that’s our list of 40 magic gathering artworks. You must agree with us that each of them is better than previous one and Svetlin Velinov certainly proved that he is extraordinary illustrator. If you would like to share your opinions about these magic gathering artworks use comment section below and also visit this website for more great concepts.

Also if you like these artworks and you wonder on which game cards they are used, those cards are called Magic: The Gathering. Magic: The Gathering is first trading card game and it was created by Richard Garfield back in 1993. As of 2011 this card game have around twelve million players and it can be played by two or more players. For more info about this game visit the link at Wikipedia we have added at the beginning of this post.