7 Ways You Can Make Your Office Relocation Stress-Free

7 Ways You Can Make Your Office Relocation Stress-Free

Of all the stressful activities that a business owner has to endure, there is one that may never happen to them, or if it does, it is likely to only happen once. We are talking about an office relocation, which thankfully is not something that happens to a business every week, especially for Interstate Removals.

However, when a business does relocate, it can be a considerable undertaking, causing stress, not only for the business owner, but for their staff, their suppliers, and even their customers too. But, if you are planning an office relocation, it need not be as stressful as it could be, provided you follow the seven steps we have outlined below which should help your office relocation be stress-free.

Start Planning As Early As Possible: There is probably no better way to ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly than to have effective planning which starts well in advance. By ‘in advance’ we do not mean a couple of weeks but as much as 6 months or more. Planning covers everything from the logistics of your move to choosing what blinds your new office has.

Employ A Professional Removalists Company: Vying for the top spot in the best ways to destress your office relocation, is employing a professional removalists company. They can advise how best to organise the move, supply you with the correct packaging materials, and on the day, they will have expert removalists who know the correct ways to lift, carry, and transport all your office furniture, equipment, and documents, safely.

Involve Your Staff: Many business owners get so wrapped up in their office relocation that they try to do everything themselves and end up like a spinning top bouncing from issue to issue. You do not have to do everything yourself, and one simple way to achieve that is to delegate as much of the planning and organisation to other employees as you can.

Use Your Relocation As An Opportunity To Declutter: The fewer items that need to be moved, the easier your office relocation is going to be. One way to achieve that, and make life at your new office easier, is to take this opportunity to declutter your office. Old furniture and equipment could be donated to charity if still usable,  and if not, dispose of safely.

Communicate With Suppliers, Partners And Clients: The upheaval that is inevitable for you and your staff extends to those your business interacts with such as suppliers, customers, and other businesses that you partner with. To reduce any negativity surrounding your relocation, let them all know well in advance, make contingencies as required, and keep them all informed of the relocation’s progress.

Check That You Have Appropriate Insurance: For all the planning and the fact that you are using professional removalists, fate can still play you a bad hand, meaning accidents and mishaps could occur. Most will be minor irritations but there is also the slim chance that something major occurs. To give you, and everyone else, peace of mind, ensure that you have adequate insurance, over and above the warranties provided by your removalists.

Ensure Your New Location Is 100% Ready: There is little point in getting everything right up and until the movie begins, only for it to come to a grinding halt because your new offices are not ready or prepared. Phone lines, power, internet and so on all need to be working, plus you should have planned the layout so that equipment and furniture go where they should when they arrive.