6 Web Designer Online Tools for Your Web Design Projects

Every web designer should be familiar with free web designer online tools which can save money and sometimes valuable time when working on their web projects. In this blog we are bringing you a selection of six sites offering services rather interesting.

On/Off FlipSwitch

On/Off FlipSwitch is a great web designer online tool which can help you to quickly and easily generate switch button type in pure CSS3. With few mouse clicks you can customize the color, size, active state… In addition buttons are animated!


Create an adaptive grid in seconds with this free web designer online tool. Choose the number of columns, the size of the margins and break points. Once finished it only remains for you to upload your template in HTML, CSS and PNG.


Screenqueri allows you to test your site on more than 30 pre-defined resolutions. Ideal for rapid responsive design testing. A great thing about this tool is that it already have predefined screen sizes for large number of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Series devices, HTC, BlackBerry and many other devices. You can also rotate the screen in other different positions simulating your website look when you rotate mobile device. The project is still in Beta (December 12th, 2012) and so far I didn’t find any problems or bugs.


Typecast is a tool for testing fonts. It allows you to test different combinations in a “real world” with realistic content such as paragraphs, titles… Convenient for quickly testing fonts before applying changes on Photoshop or Fireworks PSD files. This project is free while in beta, and once it hits a final version it will require a small fee in order to access its services, so this is a great time to try this online tool for web design and see if its worth subscribing.


This is another among many web designer online tools but this one of not only reserved for web designer, because SnipSave offers the possibility to quickly record an online code snippet for future use. It can be also used by programmers.

Form builder

Form builder is very effective form generator (HTML / CSS) online tools. Its customization options allow you to set up a login form in a few seconds without any programming knowledge. However, you will still have to apply your own styles on checkbox or radio buttons for example because the generated code does not include any CSS styles applied.

Web Designer Online Tools Conclusions

There you go! These web designer online tools will certianly help you to speed up your projects and also save a lot of money because their desktop alternatives can sometimes cost few hundreds of dollars. Also if you found any other web designer online tools, leave your suggestions in comment section below.