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How Often Should You Update Web Design?

Ever heard the term that goes something like “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Yeah, that is the modus operandi for a lot of people who preach this like they have achieved some sort of ultimate level in wisdom. This kind of thinking has led a lot of businesses to go down the wrong path. When you look at it in terms of the online presence that companies have and the web design for their websites, following this statement is especially detrimental.

While a website may be functioning perfectly, it could still need some work done on it when it comes to the web design. Redesigning websites is in no way an easy task nor is it something that you need to do every day but it is certainly something that needs to be done from time to time. If your company’s web design follows the trends that were all the blaze half a decade ago, your website might look stale and outdated even if you add fresh content to it. It’s all about making a good impression on the visitors. That’s why we are going to discuss how often you should update the web design on your website.

But Before We Get into It

The first thing you need to look at is whether or not your website is optimized for mobile phone usage. If it isn’t, you seriously need to stop wasting your time and update the web design to make it more suitable for mobile use. That is because there are more people using the internet through their phones than through their computers. Web design trends are all going mobile now and so should your company’s website.

How Often You Need Web Design Updated?

Now that we have the aspect of mobile optimization out of the way, let’s discuss how often you need to update the web design. The answer to that is the summer solstice of every other year right at the stroke of midnight.

Just kidding. That was a bad joke but you know what the really funny thing is? There’s actually no specific time after which you should update your company’s web design. The regularity with which you need to update the web design is actually based on a lot of factors. The industry your company operates in, the nature of your business, the competition you have, the goal you have with your business and how the website plays into all of this matters. Some businesses might require web design updates after every year while some might not need it for over a couple of years at a time. You just need to be aware of the signs.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Now that we’ve established the fact that there’s no fixed date which you should update your web design, let’s help you get a handle on how you can figure out when your website needs it. It’s all a matter of asking yourself certain questions and the answers you give will help you see whether or not a change is indeed needed.

Here are the 10 questions you need to ask yourself every now and then so that you know if your website needs a redesign:

  1. Do I like how my website looks?
  2. Is my website better than that of the competitors?
  3. Does my website look modern?
  4. Do customers like my website?
  5. Is my website mobile friendly? (if it isn’t, you’re supposed to work on fixing this right away)
  6. Is my website seeing a growing number of visitors?
  7. Do I feel proud sharing content through my website?
  8. Does the website go along with the current goals of my business?
  9. Does my website function optimally?
  10. Since the last update (or the launch of the website) has my business stayed the same?

If you’ve answered “No” to any of these questions then you pretty much know what to do. Find a competent web designer and get to work on updating the web design to fix the problem and turn the no into a yes.